Friday, October 24, 2008

Introducing Sparsh UI

Announcing Sparsh UI, the multi-touch API that works across devices and

The Multi-Touch Lab at Iowa State University has released the open-source
codebase Sparsh UI (v1.0b), which allows easy development of multi-touch
applications that work across devices (e.g. FTIR touch table, Stantum, IR
bezels, cardboard box touch devices) and across platforms (Java, C++; Mac,
Windows, Linux).

Sparsh UI differs from other multi-touch libraries in that it:
-- Includes gestures (don't need to program them)
-- Supports collaboration among users on different multi-touch devices
-- Includes a Multi-touch Simulator so you can develop apps without the
multi-touch device connected (Windows only for now)

Sparsh UI provides an adapter for TouchLib enabled devices.

Coming soon:
-- Support for UserIDs for collaboration on the same multi-touch device
-- Support for Dell Latitude XT (n-trig)

Download and try it out at
Find sample applications and documentation on our wiki, discuss it on our
Google Group.

--The Sparsh UI Team
Virtual Reality Applications Center
Iowa State University

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